Short Breaks

At YPEP, short Breaks are meant relieve the strain on families and reduce stress on parents, whilst giving a child or young person an opportunity to explore new interests and develop independence. These short activity-based trips are designed in consultation with families and enable the child or young person to enjoy new experiences, meet new people as well as make friends.

YPEP support workers take the child or young persons out into a community setting, such as to the cinema, bowling or to the local swimming pool. This enables them to have a positive experience whilst giving their families a break from their caring responsibilities. Alternatively, a support worker can care for the child or young person in their own home while the rest of the family go out, or accompany a family on an outing supporting all members of the family to have an enjoyable shared experience.

Everyone needs a bit of ‘me time’ occasionally. But for someone with a learning disability, planning a break is rarely as simple as checking availability at the hotels in the area you want to stay in, and then simply setting off on your travels.  And for families who are looking for respite care, finding somewhere with staff that have the specialist skills required to cater for the individual needs of their loved one can often be easier said than done.

That’s why YPEP has set up specific respite services in some of our service locations.  But even in those locations where this hasn’t yet been possible, we can also normally accommodate ‘short breaks.  This might mean a person with a learning disability being supported to stay at one of our local services for the weekend on a mini-break, or that we provide domiciliary care for a person in their home while the parents or family carers take a short break themselves. We can also support people to go on a longer holiday.

Such short breaks work well for all involved, giving people the opportunity to make friends, try new activities or learn new skills. We work with other local organisations to try and offer as many different opportunities as possible, tailoring what’s on offer to what people want to do.

But the whole point of taking a break is to enjoy yourself, so while activities might include cooking, swimming, learning a musical instrument or playing on a games console, if people would prefer to spend some time relaxing in front of the TV, watching a movie, or to pop out for a drink – that’s exactly what we’ll support them to do!

Contact your YPEP now and let us know what you need – we pride ourselves on our flexibility, so we can normally find a way to accommodate you and your relative.

For parents or family carers who need to go away with work, spend quality time with other family members or simply have some time away to themselves, support at home may be the answer. We’re able to offer respite care in your home for a set period to suit.

We can support people to get out and about in the community for a few hours, build new skills, make friends, and try new activities, while giving family members a break.

Our dedicated Short Breaks services offer activities for people with learning disabilities. Activities on offer are person – centred, but could include anything from dancing to swimming, jewellery making to photography or computers. 


People choose Domiciliary Care for the independence that comes with it – living in your own home and being in control of your own life. That’s why we work closely with the people we support to identify any additional opportunities that could help boost that independence, safely and easily. This might be a simple change such as installing a fingerprint lock to the front door, to eliminate the risk of someone forgetting to take their keys when they leave the house. But for someone who is unwilling to leave the house for fear of doing just that, a new lock might mean the difference between loneliness and isolation and getting out and about, allowing them to become an active member of the community.

Our experience shows us that the more the people can do things, whether by themselves or with support from YPEP, the more they feel in control of their own lives.

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Play and Social

Adventure Playgrounds

YPEP’s Adventure playgrounds provide an opportunity for stimulating and inclusive play on a closed access site.

After School Clubs

After school and Saturday clubs provide safe, stimulating and inclusive play outside of normal school hours and during holiday periods. Children are encouraged to choose their play activities, with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment with other children.

Holiday Accommodation

Our accessible holiday static caravan offers children, young people and their families to have a well-deserved break together. It provides a relaxing environment in our beautiful village.


Popular questions

Short breaks are a way of getting a break from your caring responsibilities

Short breaks are an opportunity to recharge batteries, spend time with others or pursue a particular interest. They can also allow your child to have a change of scene, try different experiences, have fun and make friends

Short breaks are an opportunity to recharge batteries, spend time with others or pursue a particular interest. They can also allow your child to have a change of scene, try different experiences, have fun and make friends

This is a self-referral service for families who have children with special educational needs aged 8-16, although families with younger children can be considered. Activities include: crafts & story-time, games, cookery, seasonal activities and social events. YPEP Support workers attend to facilitate the sessions to give parents/carers the opportunity to socialise and support each other while children and young people are able to enjoy a range of activities.

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